18 August 2014

Embracing Emotion

8/18/2014 - Day Ninety One

Realization: Time doesn't heal wounds, it just makes them less visible to the world.

Since my relationship ended...at first, the negative thoughts won for about a month. Then the bits of happiness started at the thought that each decision was my own.
That's a good thing most would say, except for me the small bits of happiness turned into a fierce defiance of ever again giving someone free reign over my personal independence  or emotions in general.

Not being open to emotion when it involves romance from someone isn't going to take me where I want. So here is my next personal goal. Open up on things that matter. Meet new people that could be important.. and stop running! Embrace emotions.

Music: Looking Too Closely - Fink

A great song for the reflective times and it is perfect on repeat.

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