31 December 2011

Happy New Years Eve

12/31/11 - Day Twenty One

Inspiration: The Destin Harbor Walk 2012 start

<3 I hope each of you had an amazing and safe New Years.

til tomorrow and 2012....

30 December 2011


12/30/11 - Day Twenty

Long day at work ill update when I can.

til tomorrow...

29 December 2011


12/29/11 - Day Nineteen

Music: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Beautiful song and video.  I want to stand in a black dress with that many candles surrounding me.  Awesome! (and yes I like twilight but the song is great unassociated with the movies)

Realization: Vintage is amazing!

Went to a thrift shop this week and found a couple vintage dresses that are incredible.  One my best friend is going to be wearing on New Year's Eve for our little 2011 gathering (will post pics after).  The other is a beautiful black lace dress for my sister.  Can't wait to post pictures but my sister hasn't seen it yet so I think I will add it to my weekly collage this Sunday.  On a small side note...New Year's is less than three days away. Can't wait!

Inspiration: Hey the world might end in 2012 right?  Get ready for an awesome year!

til tomorrow...

28 December 2011


12/28/11 - Day Eighteen

Music: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Apologies

This is one of those songs that each person identifies with differently.  To me it is sad, inspirational and realistic.  Sad because of the truth wrapped up in it.  Sometimes apologies come when they don't matter anymore.  Inspirational because even if a relationship ends, their will always be the good times to remember and they stay with you.  Realistic because this scenario has happened twice so far in my life.  Once when I was doing the apologizing and once when they didn't matter anymore.

Realization: Change...fearful for some, difficult for most, necessary for all.

What does change mean to you?  Currently in my life change is necessary and scary.  I found out today I have seven classes left to finish up my college degree.  WooHoo! With the happiness though comes the harsh realization that change is coming...should be interesting to see where everything is in a year when I finish writing this blog. What is the best way to stay focused and not get lost in the fear of what is coming? If there is one thing I have learned in almost every college class it is set attainable goals for yourself, short term and long term.  While dreaming is soooo important those are dreams not goals. So to my current to do list I am adding the task of setting four short term goals for myself and two long term goals.  Less long term because let's face it who the hell knows where I will be in ten years.

Design: Waterworks by Silence Queen(deviantart)

til tomorrow....

27 December 2011

Blunt Honesty

12/27/11 - Day Seventeen

Music: Jessica Andrews - Who I am

Great song to wake up to and the video is so colorful! I love it.

Realization: Everyone needs a friend that is bluntly honest.

I say everyone needs this type of friend because out of anyone currently in my life I will change my actions based on her words more than anyone else. No one wants their feelings hurt, but sometimes the truth isn't pretty.  I have one of these friends and I know one hundred percent that what she tells me is the truth.  The initial sting of the words wear off every time and the processing starts.  That processing either leads to change or the ability to see a situation from a different perspective.

Inspiration: Starbucks prayer (for everyday before I go to work)

May the customers be nice, the coffee strong and the crew as fun as ever.

Long day at work today and this helps me get through the rough spots

til tomorrow...

26 December 2011


12/26/11 - Day Sixteen

Music: Trisha Yearwood - She's in love with the boy

I am a fan of the old school country where the lyrics told a cute little story.  This is one of my old school favorites and I can still picture my mom, sister and I in a Datsun station wagon with the windows down singing at the top of our lungs. Great memories!

Realization: My memory sucks!

Many may feel just like I do.  I wish I remembered more of the moments when I was ten, twelve or even seventeen. Of course some good stuff comes to mind but not the particulars of the events.  It is almost as if I am an outsider looking in on the memories. I know my heart was broken the first time and the event comes to mind but in a dulled way.  Is that bad memory, numbness or just what happens to the moments long since past?  Either way I want to remember more and so I am going to start a weekly collage of highlights.  If something in particular happens I really want to remember, I'll add a caption to the collage.  These are going to start being on Sundays every week with memories only from the past week.

Design: Missing you by Evol1314

Amazing! This has been one of my favorites for years.

til tomorrow....

25 December 2011

Christmas fun!

12/25/11 - Day Fifteen

Merry Christmas!

Music: Cast of Rent -  Seasons of Love

This song was on my mind all day. Last year went extra fast to me.  Made me really think about what happened this year and where I want to go in the next.

Design - my Christmas 2011 collage

til tomorrow...

24 December 2011

Religion or Spirituality

12/24/11 - Day Fourteen

Merry Christmas Eve!

Music: Hillsong - Forever Reign

Today I heard a cover of this song at the very first church I have attended outside of the religion I was brought up in as a child.  The lyrics by Hillsong are beautiful but I didn't link their video because quite honestly the lead singer Jenna Cintron and the band in the cover today did such an amazing job I'll leave the space for her voice if it is ever recorded.  If anyone was brought up in a christian religion most if not all possess a belief in what takes place after death.  At one point today while standing in the auditorium of an elementary school I heard these lyrics and they brought me to tears.

You are life
You are life
in You death has lost its sting

People have asked me if I regret being brought up in the very religious household and those lyrics are the best reason I have to say no.  I will always admire my upbringing. It taught me that we all have a spiritual side whether we admit it or not.

Realization: Coming together in spirituality is the point; not organized religion.

Since the age of 22 I have been completely against organized religion...until today.  I went to the Mosaic Church in Crestview, Florida.  The experience was not only uplifting but challenged my current beliefs, which inspires me.  I grew up in the same faith as my parents and decided when I left that a person can have faith alone without the hypocrisy seen in the current religious state.

Today I learned meeting with other spiritual people fills a void that has been present in my life since I left the religion and put aside my own faith.  I don't believe exactly what they do but today I learned that isn't the point.

It was a completely different type of service that incorporated the things in life that bring joy.. Comedy, Music(and not the classical/choir type) and Spirituality.

Inspiration: James Ross the lead pastor today said some things that will stick with me.  I thought I would share them. They aren't direct quotes because I can't write that fast and still follow along but this is what I took from the sermon.

The Who in life matters most.  God, Jesus, Marriage mate, Family, Friends.  What, where and how aren't the first memories.

Pride is the root of all sins....think about it. He is right!

This won't be a religious blog but today was truly enlightening for me so I thought I would share.

til tomorrow...

23 December 2011

Design Process

12/23/11 - Day Thirteen

Two Days till Christmas!

Music: Usher (feat. Pitbull) - DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

Need a mood lifter or a exercise song?  This song is amazing! Split shift for work today and this was the perfect song for the middle of it. Dance in the car like no one is watching!!!

Realization: Brainstorming is the key to my design process!

I have been searching for some time for the inspiration needed to start design projects.  Then came this realization. Give me a sentence...at least one night rest....and I can come up a design inspired by it.  The key to this process is the brainstorming.  Prior to this realization I would sit at my computer and try to rush the process.  Perhaps others have the talent to rush this process but not me.  So to prevent burnout and an overwhelming feeling of bleak in my head.  I shall not rush design anymore.  It will come or it won't but the end result is always better when not rushed.

Inspiration: Anyone a fan of the resolutions attached to the New Year?  Love this picture from the Student Loans Blog. I just want to add the line as long as possible.  Paying off some debt, losing some weight, one month less of smoking is amazing and should be treated as such!

New design I thought up last night coming soon...

til tomorrow...

22 December 2011

Snuggle Days

12/22/11 - Day Twelve

Three Days to Christmas!

Music & Design: The first lighting of Cinderella's castle at Disneyworld 2011 (via AttractionsMagazine)

I love Disney.  Always have and always will.  Teared up a bit at the sight of the castle fully lit.  Really cute show and totally worth a view.

Realization: Rain is necessary for the earth and our souls.  Snuggles anyone?

Some would say the weather was really rough today.  Thunderstorms pretty much all day with the warnings every now and then, but I love it.  Got the best nap this afternoon and woke up with a head full of designs.  Here is a couple photos I edited today.  I took one over three years ago and the other I took just outside of our apartment today. 

til tomorrow...

21 December 2011

Christmas Recipes

12/21/11 - Day Eleven

Four Days till Christmas!

Music: Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby

I challenge every girl to do a small dance for the love interest in their life to this song!  So much fun!

Realization: Good food makes the holiday even sweeter.

Baking hasn't been much of a priority since my boyfriend and I moved into our own apartment last May.  With the holidays coming up though I wanted to find a recipe for some great cookies or cake and give it a shot. Here is what I found...

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Espresso Snowcaps! recipe

Holiday cocktails...yes, please.  Part of the foodnetwork.com They Draw and Cook contest.

til tomorrow....

20 December 2011

Cookie Tins

12/20/11 - Day Ten

Five Days till Christmas! My favorite versions of the famous Christmas songs!

Music: Michael Buble - White Christmas

His voice is yummy!

Design : Went to different consignment shops today and found the coolest idea for wrapping my gifts this year.  I am going to be using old cookie tins I found.  They are beautiful and very festive! They save trees and can be used for various things throughout the year to the recipients of my gifts.  I love it.  Here are three I found today.  The first two were .25 cents and the last one with the image of Paris was only .75 cents.  Cheaper than almost every gift bag I have seen so far.

til tomorrow...

19 December 2011

Christmas is almost here!

12/19/11-Day Nine

Music: The March in The Nutcracker Ballet by Tchaikovsky

Could listen to this on repeat! Amazing music!

Realization: Christmas is less than a week away!!

This year has flown by.  Today it really hit me that I haven't done any shopping and the time left to do so is whittling down quickly.  Christmas... recently I started celebrating and it was mainly about spending time with my boyfriend and YAY for decorations! This year...the highlight of my holiday season will be seeing my sister and her boyfriend.  They are coming in for New Year's and staying for almost a week.  Can't wait to start getting ready for their visit starting tomorrow.  Off work for the next three days and can't wait to post what I find for her visit.

Inspiration : Here are my Christmas Cards this year.  Love the picture and words inside!

til tomorrow...

18 December 2011

Stay out of it!

12/18/11 - Day Eight

Music: Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West - E.T.

While this song is catchy and I love the rap part.  I am posting it today because the video is amazing and tells an abstract story.  Check it out!

Realization: Gossip in any form rarely promotes positivity.

Gossip - idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others: (dictionary.reference.com)

Obviously the rumor part would promote negativity but today I realized even the idle talk of others isn't uplifting.  Whether you are taking part in the gossip or simply an ear for it.  The mood is brought down with the affairs of others that generally have little to no impact on the lives of the gossipers. With this being said and very few people that will dispute the realization.  Why is staying out of gossip so challenging?  A goal for personal growth going forward is to stay out of it.  Participating in it leaves me with a bad after taste because I have been on the other side of gossip and I am aware of how it makes me feel when I learn of it. My greatest challenge to myself through this year is going to be refrain from listening to it.  Will it upset the others around me to simply ask they change the subject while I'm around?  Guess we will see.

til tomorrow...


17 December 2011


12/17/11 Day Seven

Music : The Spill Canvas - Under the Covers

Love this group and this song is super calming. The smile when you awake and dreamed of the person you love...calming.

Realization : 50 hours of awake with 6 hours of sleep = :(

Sleep, sleep more is all I have.

til tomorrow....

16 December 2011


12/16/11 - Day Six

Part 3 of 4

Music: Hollywood Undead - Pour Me

Great song I rock out to on the way to work pretty often.

Realization : I am a control freak, a leader, a creative and an over-analyzer.

Over-analyzer!  What will happen? What could happen? What did happen?  Ever need to know a situation from all angles just ask me :)  These four adjectives are me in a nutshell.  Sure there are more layers and plenty of craziness you'll get to meet but I thought you should know the gist of who you are reading and where I want to go in my personal life.

Long, Long day of work tomorrow but I'll post late.

Inspiration today and almost everyday : COFFEE! 

15 December 2011

A Creative

12/15/11 - Day Five

Part 3 of 4

Music: Sia - Some people have real problems (the whole album)

One of those albums where you can listen to the entire thing and be inspired differently by each song.  This is one of my favorites when designing anything.  Check it out!

Realization : I am a control freak, a leader, a creative and an over-analyzer.

The third word to describe me is my favorite; creative.  Rather than tell you all about it, I am going to show you.  Below are some of my favorite pieces done by yours truly.

I have never been a fan of super long blog posts so as the year progresses I'm sure you'll see more of these. This creativity keeps my mind open and my soul forever searching for the good in the world and in people.  I am thankful each day for it.  

Inspiration: Develop a hobby and truly work at it.  It will get you through the rough times when your foundation as a person or belief in others is shaken.

14 December 2011

Second Descriptive Word

12/14/11 - Day Four

Part 2 of 4

Music: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Cat and Mouse

My favorite verse in this song is, you said that you would die for me but you must live for me too. This song is for the times in a relationship when it is struggling or stale and very hard decisions have to be made. Dying for each other isn't enough, the moments when you live together is the entire point.

Realization : I am a control freak, a leader, a creative and an over-analyzer.

Day two and the second word that describes me; leader.  Before 22 I wasn't a leader at all.  I followed friends, family, and a husband in whichever way they were going. Nowadays I am anything but a follower.  I live my life how I choose and if negative consequences come from those choices, I am strong enough to cope.  The negative side of trying to lead all the time is the atmosphere it creates with other "leaders" around you.  My goal to better myself in this respect is to learn to follow sometimes.
I can't learn very much from others by leading all the time.  I say sometimes because I don't want to ever be the girl I was at 21.  My life and how I live it will always be my choice but learning from others is even more important.

til tomorrow...

13 December 2011

Who am I?

12/13/11 Day Three

Part 1 of 4

Music: The Fray - Never Say Never

A reminder for me of the countless times I have said I will never....which was inevitably followed by a scenario in which I did what I never thought I would.  The best part is... I wouldn't change those times for anything.

Realization : I am a control freak, a leader, a creative and an over-analyzer.

Coming up with these four things has been challenging to say the least, but they are the best words to describe me.

The first one I am not very proud of but there it is. Controlling my life choices and situations keeps me level headed and is my defense against "letting" troubles in.  Perhaps this is one contribution to the feeling of a numbness inside because I have always thought the spontaneous moments in life can be the best and most memorable.  Spontaneous and in control....not likely. Time for a change then, huh? Worry less about controlling the small things. noted I say worry less about controlling small things because I don't think I want to lose control of the big things or even feel like I am.  Being a person in control is something I admire in myself but there has to be a balance in everything. So my personal lesson of the day is Worry less about controlling the small things!

Inspiration :

excerpt from...Moon on the Wing
The sunlight will come and make a new start
Though, before one can start, one must make resolve
It's the moonlight, my dear, that stirs up your heart. - Bethany Joy Galeotti

til tomorrow...

12 December 2011

Disturbing Dreams

12/12/11 - Day Two

Music : Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D

For those moments when calming down is a top priority.

Realization : When sleep isn't coming easily, just get UP!

Went to bed after editing some photos around 3 o'clock this morning and didn't have that feeling of melding in with the sheets.  That one moment when you are thankful to whatever you believe in for the bed.  Next time I will take that as a sign. Had the few hours of light sleep with tossing and turning followed by crazy disturbing dreams!  With killers and people I know...needless to say I will go back to editing some crazy designs instead of dreaming about crazy folks.  Here's hoping tonight is filled with those comforting feelings of rest.

Design :
Before the Dawn by Freaky665 on Deviantart 

My dream face looked a bit like hers >.< 

til tomorrow...

11 December 2011

Day One

12/11/11 Day One:

I wanted to start this blog to get and give the inspiration each of us wants or needs at some point in our very different lives. Each day I'll start with a new song that helped or inspired me to face a particular feeling or emotion.  Followed by the standout moment of each day and what realization or inspiration I found in it.  Perhaps finding these small truths can enhance the way I currently look at my life.

Music : Wakey! Wakey! - Almost Everything

Whenever the soul needs uplifting this is a great song for it.

Realization : The best reflection in life comes when there is little to distract you.

This came to me when I woke up with no electricity because of a downed electrical pole.  Even though being without the technology created an overwhelming sense of boredom it gave me the time that would have been otherwise filled up.

til tomorrow...