29 December 2011


12/29/11 - Day Nineteen

Music: Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Beautiful song and video.  I want to stand in a black dress with that many candles surrounding me.  Awesome! (and yes I like twilight but the song is great unassociated with the movies)

Realization: Vintage is amazing!

Went to a thrift shop this week and found a couple vintage dresses that are incredible.  One my best friend is going to be wearing on New Year's Eve for our little 2011 gathering (will post pics after).  The other is a beautiful black lace dress for my sister.  Can't wait to post pictures but my sister hasn't seen it yet so I think I will add it to my weekly collage this Sunday.  On a small side note...New Year's is less than three days away. Can't wait!

Inspiration: Hey the world might end in 2012 right?  Get ready for an awesome year!

til tomorrow...

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