23 December 2011

Design Process

12/23/11 - Day Thirteen

Two Days till Christmas!

Music: Usher (feat. Pitbull) - DJ Got Us Fallin In Love

Need a mood lifter or a exercise song?  This song is amazing! Split shift for work today and this was the perfect song for the middle of it. Dance in the car like no one is watching!!!

Realization: Brainstorming is the key to my design process!

I have been searching for some time for the inspiration needed to start design projects.  Then came this realization. Give me a sentence...at least one night rest....and I can come up a design inspired by it.  The key to this process is the brainstorming.  Prior to this realization I would sit at my computer and try to rush the process.  Perhaps others have the talent to rush this process but not me.  So to prevent burnout and an overwhelming feeling of bleak in my head.  I shall not rush design anymore.  It will come or it won't but the end result is always better when not rushed.

Inspiration: Anyone a fan of the resolutions attached to the New Year?  Love this picture from the Student Loans Blog. I just want to add the line as long as possible.  Paying off some debt, losing some weight, one month less of smoking is amazing and should be treated as such!

New design I thought up last night coming soon...

til tomorrow...

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