15 December 2011

A Creative

12/15/11 - Day Five

Part 3 of 4

Music: Sia - Some people have real problems (the whole album)

One of those albums where you can listen to the entire thing and be inspired differently by each song.  This is one of my favorites when designing anything.  Check it out!

Realization : I am a control freak, a leader, a creative and an over-analyzer.

The third word to describe me is my favorite; creative.  Rather than tell you all about it, I am going to show you.  Below are some of my favorite pieces done by yours truly.

I have never been a fan of super long blog posts so as the year progresses I'm sure you'll see more of these. This creativity keeps my mind open and my soul forever searching for the good in the world and in people.  I am thankful each day for it.  

Inspiration: Develop a hobby and truly work at it.  It will get you through the rough times when your foundation as a person or belief in others is shaken.

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