11 December 2011

Day One

12/11/11 Day One:

I wanted to start this blog to get and give the inspiration each of us wants or needs at some point in our very different lives. Each day I'll start with a new song that helped or inspired me to face a particular feeling or emotion.  Followed by the standout moment of each day and what realization or inspiration I found in it.  Perhaps finding these small truths can enhance the way I currently look at my life.

Music : Wakey! Wakey! - Almost Everything

Whenever the soul needs uplifting this is a great song for it.

Realization : The best reflection in life comes when there is little to distract you.

This came to me when I woke up with no electricity because of a downed electrical pole.  Even though being without the technology created an overwhelming sense of boredom it gave me the time that would have been otherwise filled up.

til tomorrow...

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