18 December 2011

Stay out of it!

12/18/11 - Day Eight

Music: Katy Perry Ft. Kanye West - E.T.

While this song is catchy and I love the rap part.  I am posting it today because the video is amazing and tells an abstract story.  Check it out!

Realization: Gossip in any form rarely promotes positivity.

Gossip - idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others: (dictionary.reference.com)

Obviously the rumor part would promote negativity but today I realized even the idle talk of others isn't uplifting.  Whether you are taking part in the gossip or simply an ear for it.  The mood is brought down with the affairs of others that generally have little to no impact on the lives of the gossipers. With this being said and very few people that will dispute the realization.  Why is staying out of gossip so challenging?  A goal for personal growth going forward is to stay out of it.  Participating in it leaves me with a bad after taste because I have been on the other side of gossip and I am aware of how it makes me feel when I learn of it. My greatest challenge to myself through this year is going to be refrain from listening to it.  Will it upset the others around me to simply ask they change the subject while I'm around?  Guess we will see.

til tomorrow...


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