12 December 2011

Disturbing Dreams

12/12/11 - Day Two

Music : Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D

For those moments when calming down is a top priority.

Realization : When sleep isn't coming easily, just get UP!

Went to bed after editing some photos around 3 o'clock this morning and didn't have that feeling of melding in with the sheets.  That one moment when you are thankful to whatever you believe in for the bed.  Next time I will take that as a sign. Had the few hours of light sleep with tossing and turning followed by crazy disturbing dreams!  With killers and people I know...needless to say I will go back to editing some crazy designs instead of dreaming about crazy folks.  Here's hoping tonight is filled with those comforting feelings of rest.

Design :
Before the Dawn by Freaky665 on Deviantart 

My dream face looked a bit like hers >.< 

til tomorrow...


  1. I love the pic on this! So beautiful!

  2. Thanks. Her face fit the post perfectly but I love the face on the cat too.