13 December 2011

Who am I?

12/13/11 Day Three

Part 1 of 4

Music: The Fray - Never Say Never

A reminder for me of the countless times I have said I will never....which was inevitably followed by a scenario in which I did what I never thought I would.  The best part is... I wouldn't change those times for anything.

Realization : I am a control freak, a leader, a creative and an over-analyzer.

Coming up with these four things has been challenging to say the least, but they are the best words to describe me.

The first one I am not very proud of but there it is. Controlling my life choices and situations keeps me level headed and is my defense against "letting" troubles in.  Perhaps this is one contribution to the feeling of a numbness inside because I have always thought the spontaneous moments in life can be the best and most memorable.  Spontaneous and in control....not likely. Time for a change then, huh? Worry less about controlling the small things. noted I say worry less about controlling small things because I don't think I want to lose control of the big things or even feel like I am.  Being a person in control is something I admire in myself but there has to be a balance in everything. So my personal lesson of the day is Worry less about controlling the small things!

Inspiration :

excerpt from...Moon on the Wing
The sunlight will come and make a new start
Though, before one can start, one must make resolve
It's the moonlight, my dear, that stirs up your heart. - Bethany Joy Galeotti

til tomorrow...

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