21 March 2012


3/21/12 - Day Eighty Four

I have been asked several times recently what my favorite this or that is.  My answer is generally I really don't know or too many to really tell.  I think everyone should have a "favorite" movie or song and so over the next few posts I am going to try and come up with a small list of favorites.

Favorite Color: Red  
eye catching and intense
Favorite Country Song: Trisha Yearwood - She's in Love with the Boy
memories of my mom and sister
Favorite Rock Song: Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony
the song that inspired my tattoo
Favorite Blues Song: Hugh Laurie - Let them Talk
wow I want a beer with this song :)
Favorite Soft Rock: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Apologies
my song for any emotion
Favorite Punk Song: Straylight Run - Existentialism on Prom Night
age 17-20 with the best friends ever

I would love to see a website with the lists of random peoples favorites and the reasons why.  Having a reason why it is so liked generally gives me a better perspective.

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15 March 2012

Thursday's Quotables

3/15/12 - Day Eighty Three

Thursday's Quotables tenth edition
The best advice can be found in quotes from those that learned before us.

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08 March 2012

Thursday's Quotables - Design

3/8/12 - Day Eighty Two

Thursday's Quotables ninth edition
The best advice can be found in quotes from those that learned before us.


Design is the search for a magical balance between business and art; art and craft; intuition and reason; concept and detail; playfulness and formality; client and designer; designer and printer; and printer and public.— Valerie Pettis

Good design is a lot like clear thinking made visual.— Edward Tufte

Design is about making things good (and then better) and right (and fantastic) for the people who use and encounter them.— Matt Beale

Art is like masturbation. It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone. Design is like sex. There is someone else involved, their needs are just as important as your own, and if everything goes right, both parties are happy in the end.— Colin Wright

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06 March 2012

Ahh...married people

3/6/12 - Day Eighty One

Music: Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed - Now that I found you.

Really pretty song.  I like the vocals the most.  There is a very romantic feel to it with the knowledge they are married in real life.

Realization: I work hard for me.

Some work for the appreciation of others.  While this is a bonus to be sure.  I can't leave a job I know I agreed to do half assed. The feeling that I did a good job is the most important part, for me. 

Inspiration: Creative Writing Day 1

Over the next three days I will be posting my three creative writing assignments this term.  I am very proud of them but would love to hear your thoughts.

Still Moments
by Jennie Libby

The first morning thought
beauty created in warm covers
The pinging sound
sideways rain on windows

The mood
a good book; peaceful
The smell
a caramel rich espresso

The person
relief at working day’s end
The time
colors to start and end a day
The feeling
a hug that lasts and lasts
The song
that resonates a feeling

The sleepless night
when truths are revealed
The red light
reminiscing about the past

The empty dinner table
good flavor realized
The handheld mirror
reflect in reflections

The bubble bath
the popping sound of bubbles as the stress vanishes
The employment break
evil laced in happiness and cancerous smoke

The movie theater
fantasy come to life
The fishing boat
when waiting is welcomed

The long hike
listening for the smallest rustles
The still moments
may we all have more

01 March 2012

Thursday's Quotables

3/1/12 - Day Eighty

Thursday's Quotables eighth edition
For today's quote I wanted to share my favorite quote of all time with you and the person that said it.

Friedrich Nietzsche
 "To live is to suffer to survive is to find some
meaning in the suffering." - Friedrich Nietzsche

'til tomorrow...