31 January 2012


1/31/12 - Day Fifty Two

Music: Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

This song has made an appearance in so many places in my life but I never knew exactly what the song was until tonight.  It was some background music in a Castle episode we were watching.  Amazing song! Check it out.

Realization: The calm prepares you for the rough spots in life

At the core optimism is my thought process, but lately I have been bracing for the bad that seems to always follow a calm spot in life.  My pessimist side...then I realized bracing for the bad doesn't help you live in the moment it just keeps you looking to what is next.  This cycle seems to reoccurring not just in my life but those around me too.  If is normal, then these calm spots if truly calm and enjoyed create the strength and pizazz needed to get through the roughness of life.

'til tomorrow...

30 January 2012

Women's Award Show Fashion 2012

1/30/12 - Day Fifty One

Inspiration: Fashion Design

Every year the award show seasons bringing on the inevitable question... was that a good or bad fashion choice?  Below are my favorite designs from the shows so far.

2012 Golden Globes

Design: Dior Couture - worn by Charlize Theron

I love the nod to the 1920's from this entire look.  The pale color highlights her beautiful skin tone and even the styling including the jewelry makes this an overall winner for the evening.

2012 People's Choice Awards
Design: Elie Saab - worn by Nina Dobrev

The color and shape of this dress made it my favorite for this awards show.  The lace sleeves with extended length give it just the right "formal" touch needed for the event.

2012 Screen Actor's Guild Awards

Design: Carolina Herrera - worn by Dianna Agron

The chiffon material with a light ruffle at the bust line flowing to the waist make this dress a beautiful shape.  The pink color isn't too bright and compliments her skin tone nicely.  I love the entire look for dress including the braided up-do for her hair...Love it!

'til tomorrow...

28 January 2012

Logo Madness

1/28/12 - Day Forty Nine

Doing some research for a couple friends logo designs and came across some really neat stuff. Check it out...

Inspiration: Logo Ingenious

'til tomorrow...

27 January 2012


1/27/12 - Day Forty Eight

Realization: Money doesn't buy happiness but it helps - by someone famous for saying it :)

Today was payday and for me like so many others currently it was a day of overwhelming frustration instead of joy.  Getting paid every two weeks is great because it gives you the chance to pay all the bills twice a month...well great when the family income matches the bills.  On my way to work currently and to get this frustration out of my head I have to add to the above realization. 

At least I can pay my bills.  Someone out there always has it worse than me.  So, today I will stop complaining and enjoy this day without money.  I wonder what troubles I can get into...

'til tomorrow...

26 January 2012

Thursday's Quotables

1/26/12 - Day Forty Seven

Thursday's Quotables third edition

The best advice can be found in quotes from those that learned before us.

Inspiration: Rita Mae Brown (born November 28, 1944)

“The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four people is suffering from a mental illness. Look at your 3 best friends. If they're ok, then it's you.” - Rita Mae Brown

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it. ”- Rita Mae Brown

“About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won't like you at all.” - Rita Mae Brown

“He unzipped his pants and his brains fell out.” - Rita Mae Brown

'til tomorrow...

25 January 2012

1/25/12 - Day Forty Six

Music: Cary Brothers - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

The music is amazing in this song.  Lyrics are a bit repetitive but it is worth a listen.

Inspiration: http://pinterest.com/

This is the best website I have found for inspiration yet.  You can request an invitation or have a friend that uses the site send one too you.  If anyone needs an invite let me know.  Sometimes all you need is the smallest inspiration for your mind to open up and finish the rest. I think I am in the process of finding my niche in the creative world.  Working on some fashion sketches, reading up on floral design and starting the design process of some animated characters for my best friend and her babies room. 

'til tomorrow...

24 January 2012

Stories in my head

1/24/12 - Day Forty Five

Will write more after this Castle episode but ever get the crazy notion the neighbors upstairs are recreating the scene where the pins at the end of a bowling lane fall over.  Instead of throwing a ball down the lane they are simply jumping up and down to make them tumble?   Living downstairs creates a million different fabulous ideas.

Design: Secroit - A Trip to Wonderland

This is currently my Twitter background and reminds me of the turns a story and life can take in your mind.

'til tomorrow...

23 January 2012

Red is my passion!

1/23/12 - Day Forty Four

My favorite color of all time is red.  Vintage, modern or just a red wall.  With it will always come happiness and a sense of me.  Here are a couple design pieces that describe why.

Design: Ceresa - Modern Bathrooms

What my version of "heaven" on earth would look like.  Couldn't find the artist of this.  Saw it in my pinterest search.

'til tomorrow...

22 January 2012

21 January 2012

Who's Way?

1/21/12 - Day Forty Two

Ever been in a place where you are tired of trying and feel extremely frustrated?  That was the general tone of my day today.  I got a lot accomplished and the people around me helped but it was just a nails on chalkboard day.

Music: Three Days Grace - Let It Die

This song is about the end of a relationship.  When you are in the dark place where you just don't care anymore.  This song actually calms me down.  Being over-analyzer is easy when you don't care what your analyzing. Anyways give it a listen the lyrics are awesome.

Realization: Work pays you to do it their way.  It doesn't matter if you like it or not.

This realization is a two part discovery for me.  Firstly, as an employee that likes things to remain the same and be done a certain way. A correction in the way things are can make me irritated beyond belief. In the end however professionalism and a yielding to my profession of choice is always my course.  The second part of this realization is as a supervisor.  I understand the frustration people feel but from the viewpoint of someone getting paid to uphold policy it doesn't matter either.  A job pays you to accomplish certain tasks their way and with certain restrictions.  Thanks for listening to my rant I feel so much better. 

20 January 2012

Poetry & Design

1/20/12 - Day Forty One

Music: Straylight Run - Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

"So we bottled and shelved all our regrets,
Let them ferment and came back to our senses,
Drove back home and slept a few days,
Woke up and laughed at how stupid we used to be,"

Realization: Visualization is necessary for my writer side to emerge.

This week I was tasked with creating two different literary pieces for my Creative Writing class. In my head the design was pictured long before I had the words to go with it.  I still have to write one piece and I'm going to use the character I created last week and showed you guys in my weekly collage.  Hopefully this piece can be a play.  Never tried it before so if nothing else it will be fun.  Below is the artistic piece I envisioned to help me create the words.

Design: In Darkness we find - JLi

'til tomorrow...

19 January 2012

Thursday's Quotables

1/19/12 - Day Forty

Thursday's Quotables second edition 

The best advice can be found in quotes from those that learned before us.

 Inspiration: Dorothy Parker (August 22, 1893 – June 7, 1967)

"Four be the things I am wiser to know: idleness, sorrow, a friend and a foe." - Dorothy Parker

"Brevity is the soul of lingerie." - Dorothy Parker

"Four be the thing I'd have been better without: love, curiosity, freckles and doubt." - Dorothy Parker

"This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly.  It should be thrown with great force." - Dorothy Parker
(book review)

"Ducking for apples - change one letter and it's the story of my life." - Dorothy Parker

'til tomorrow...

18 January 2012

A Day in Protest

1/18/12 Day Thirty Nine

The biggest news on the horizon today. I am proud of the protest set forth by Americans.  It is nice to see people coming together even when it feels like we have very little say in Washington.

I can't imagine the internet with blocked websites from the federal government.  It would feel like I was living in a third world country.  I don't want copyright infringements to put corporations out of business but where does fair use and violation differ?  In my opinion Corporate America has tried more than once now to get the federal government to come to its defense with issues that shouldn't be their concern.

Days disappear

1/17/12 Day Thirty Eight

Realization: This is what happens when you sleep from night time to night time. 

On the plus side, I am recovering from this yukky cold quickly.  Bought some great black and grey yarn today to start creating a scarf for the rest of the winter.  It just got cold here in the middle of January, gotta love Florida weather.

Inspiration: Started writing a short story today as well as a poem.  I'll post by the end of the week once I complete them.

'til tomorrow...

16 January 2012

Weekly Collage 3

1/16/12 - Day Thirty Seven

Design: 2012 Week 3 Collage

'til tomorrow...

15 January 2012

Trauma Enhances

1/15/12 - Day Thirty Six

weekly collage coming tomorrow...

Music: Something Corporate - Me and the Moon

This song talks about suicide.  I have thought about it, and thankfully never could actually do it.  Whether you are like me or someone that has tried it, almost everyone knows someone who has attempted suicide.  I posted this song because in line with the title of today's post I have found that people that make it through such thoughts attempts or sadness with friends appreciate life in an entirely different way.

Realization: Our best colors show in the dark parts of life.

Life has it's way of handing us challenges we couldn't even think up.  Whether it is the death of a loved one, a break in trust, health problems or family responsibilities. These challenges shape who we will be.  In my life and in the stories I enjoy the best people have been through one or more of the above.  They aren't forever beaten down by but face the challenges in uniquely incredible ways. Whether they come out of the darkness a blue shade of calm or just facing the yellow sun one day at a time they are an inspiration to me.

Design: Thegirlinthebigbox - What

'til tomorrow

14 January 2012

Nyquil days...

1/14/12 - Day Thirty Five

Realization: Nyquil - The help you sleep so you can get better medicine.

Got a cold or something. Heading back to sleepyland.

'til tomorrow...

Working Sick Sucks!

1/13/12 - Day Thirty Four

Was super great on the way to work.  Then came down with the start to an awful flu.  Scratching voice, aches and all other sorts of ickiness. Pushed through it though and closed Starbucks beautifully.  Out late but our DM should be proud tomorrow.  Back on track posting later today needed to let go of the stress.

'til tomorrow...

12 January 2012

Thursday's Quotables

1/12/12 - Day Thirty Three

Thursday's Quotables first edition 

The best advice can be found in quotes from those that learned before us.

Inspiration: Katharine Houghton Hepburn (May 12, 1907 – June 29, 2003)

"Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don't do that by sitting around wondering about yourself." - Katharine Hepburn

"...We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters, your brothers, the school, the teachers - you can blame anyone, but never blame yourself.  It's never your fault. But it's ALWAYS your fault, because if you wanted to change, you're the one who has got to change. It's as simple as that, isn't it?" - Katharine Hepburn

"If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then." - Katharine Hepburn

11 January 2012

Food Creativity!

1/11/12 - Day Thirty Two

Music: Tyler Hilton - Loaded Gun

So today is a day off from work with a great premiere of my favorite show currently One Tree Hill. It is the last season for the show, so the hype surrounding it is really fun. This is a new song released on the show tonight.

Realization: Being creative with food is helpful when there is very little money.

Macaroni & Cheese with chili is delicious!  We are working with very little funds at the moment and tonight I took out all the ingredients we could make dinner with and decided to try it.  Delicious!  Hamburger Helperish with a bit more spice. Add some pepper and it is amazing.

Inspiration: Going back and updating you on a few things.

Feeling much better today, although a pulled thigh muscle is very painful!

Four Short Term Goals - 
  • Finish College in 18 weeks with A's in at least 5 of the 7 classes.
  • Finish my design portfolio and business cards by April.
  • Start researching a new location to live with career opportunities.
  • Figure out my personal relationships before April.
Two Long Term Goals -
  • Establish a career by 28
  • Start family planning 28 - 32
Still in the process of cleaning out the clutter in my life.  My sister was a big motivator there but I will finish this up by the beginning of February.

The vintage dresses didn't get their pictures posted because I slacked and didn't get good pictures of them.  The black dress fit my sister beautifully though and I am hoping she takes a great picture in it that I can post.

'til tomorrow...

10 January 2012

The feeling of ICKY!

1/10/12 - Day Thirty One

Realization: Vitamins help.

Feels like I am starting to come down with something. Aches...check...super tired...check...irritable as hell...check,check. Been resting most of the day with a vitamin C overload. Here's hoping tomorrow is better.

'til tomorrow...

09 January 2012

Musical Moods

1/9/12 - Day Thirty

Music: Three Days Grace - Never too Late

A note with this video that while the lyrics and end message are inspiring the video is extremely depressing.  It is hard to find the words to describe my sadness...

Off to work :) I'll post more later today.

08 January 2012

Weekly Collage 2

1/8/12 - Day Twenty Nine

One Tree Hill quote

Design: 2012 Week 2 Collage

'til tomorrow...

07 January 2012

Comedy and Colors?

1/7/12 - Day Twenty Eight

Music: Bryant Oden: The Duck Song

I have a dry sense of humor and generally videos like the one above lead to a lot of eye rolling,  but this song is so cute!  It stays in your head and somehow won me over.

Design: The Colors that Create Us - Jennie Libby

What "colors" create you and your thoughts?

'til tomorrow....

06 January 2012

Time Management

1/6/12 - Day Twenty Seven

Music: Bethany Joy Galeotti - Girl in the Moon!

<3 this song! I love the subject matter of the lyrics and the her voice is amazing.

Realization: Time Management is crucial to success.

Being proactive with time management is the realization for today.  I think my time management at work is pretty good, but in my personal life it is pretty terrible.  So, today starts my look into where my time is actually going and changing the areas I need to. I stopped playing all of my various Facebook games because, lets face it, although fun they are a serious time waster for me.  Where does the rest of my time go?  Everyone has the same amount and yet others seem to get so much more accomplished than I do.  So much to think on in those last few sentences...I'll keep you updated.

'til tomorrow...

05 January 2012

Get Creative!

1/5/12 - Day Twenty Six

Music: Charlieissocoollike - Duet with Myself

I have never been much of a Youtube "surfer."  With that being said, this video is so amazing!  It made me subscribe to the creator and even I have to admit...Youtube has some wonderful art pieces on it.

Realization: Creativity takes hard work and time.

Get Creative!  Being creative to me is a skill and it takes time to master any skill. The realization today is the time is well worth it. Over the last couple of days I have been crocheting (for the first time ever) a scarf, and today I finished it.  The feeling of accomplishment is wonderful and as I continued to work on it I realized how much better it got.  I want to start melding this creative skill that I have by accomplishing different creative tasks, besides just computer design.  A goal for myself in the near future is to start completing different creative projects.  The first one I want to work on is Jewelry.  By February 1st I'll post the product of this goal and we shall see.

Inspiration: While my sister was here for almost a week she introduced me to this great website. 

After signing up, you put in your interests and it browses the internet for you to find topics or items you might find interesting.  Check it out! It is really great!

'til tomorrow...

04 January 2012

Clutter Free

1/4/12 - Day Twenty Five

Music: Daniel Bedingfield - Gotta Get Through This

Ever feel like a project is never gonna be finished.  Put this song on and you will be finished in no time.

Realization: Cleaning out extra stufffffff, gives you a great feeling.

Decided to go through the ten million clothes I had today.  Got rid of anything that didn't "fit" the way I wanted it to, had holes or stains, or as my sister put it (in her nice way) "was worn out."  Three trash bags later and I feel great!  It was super challenging to let go of some stuff I have had since the tenth grade in high school but it was definitely time.  Living clutter free leaves room for inspirations and design ideas!

til tomorrow....

03 January 2012

Life is too short!

1/3/12 - Day Twenty Four

Music: Jack's Mannequin - Dark Blue

A truly amazing song that helps in the dark moments of life. Check out the life story of Andrew Mcmahon who faced cancer head on and is still living his dreams!

Inspiration: 50/50

If you haven't been able to see the movie 50/50...check it out.  We sometimes forget just how fleeting life really is.  The film is based on a true story and together with great acting is something everyone should see at least once. On a small side note...here's to hoping 2012 is the year we get a cure because we seriously need to kick cancer's ***.

In memory of Barry Self and Jonathan Tucker - two dear friends I lost to cancer

02 January 2012

Family and Food

1/2/12 - Day Twenty Three

Sorry for my inconsistency the last couple of days.  I'm back!

Music: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

This was the party song of 2011.  Dancing hamsters anyone?

Realization: Food is a great soul up-lifter.

Started feeling super sleepy and down today.  Suddenly realized I hadn't eaten all day.  Got some excellent Mexican food at Azteca and felt immediately better. Keeping to a regular schedule of eating would probably help with the general grumpiness of our society.  Not over eating either, just getting some good sustenance on a regular schedule.

Design: A model walking around the Animal Kingdom in Disney last year.  I loved it!

Happy New Year

1/1/2012 - Day Twenty Two

December 26, 2011 - January 1, 2012 Highlights

Design: First Weekly Collage of our New Year's evening

til tomorrow...