21 January 2012

Who's Way?

1/21/12 - Day Forty Two

Ever been in a place where you are tired of trying and feel extremely frustrated?  That was the general tone of my day today.  I got a lot accomplished and the people around me helped but it was just a nails on chalkboard day.

Music: Three Days Grace - Let It Die

This song is about the end of a relationship.  When you are in the dark place where you just don't care anymore.  This song actually calms me down.  Being over-analyzer is easy when you don't care what your analyzing. Anyways give it a listen the lyrics are awesome.

Realization: Work pays you to do it their way.  It doesn't matter if you like it or not.

This realization is a two part discovery for me.  Firstly, as an employee that likes things to remain the same and be done a certain way. A correction in the way things are can make me irritated beyond belief. In the end however professionalism and a yielding to my profession of choice is always my course.  The second part of this realization is as a supervisor.  I understand the frustration people feel but from the viewpoint of someone getting paid to uphold policy it doesn't matter either.  A job pays you to accomplish certain tasks their way and with certain restrictions.  Thanks for listening to my rant I feel so much better. 

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