31 January 2012


1/31/12 - Day Fifty Two

Music: Pearl Jam - Just Breathe

This song has made an appearance in so many places in my life but I never knew exactly what the song was until tonight.  It was some background music in a Castle episode we were watching.  Amazing song! Check it out.

Realization: The calm prepares you for the rough spots in life

At the core optimism is my thought process, but lately I have been bracing for the bad that seems to always follow a calm spot in life.  My pessimist side...then I realized bracing for the bad doesn't help you live in the moment it just keeps you looking to what is next.  This cycle seems to reoccurring not just in my life but those around me too.  If is normal, then these calm spots if truly calm and enjoyed create the strength and pizazz needed to get through the roughness of life.

'til tomorrow...

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