15 January 2012

Trauma Enhances

1/15/12 - Day Thirty Six

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Music: Something Corporate - Me and the Moon

This song talks about suicide.  I have thought about it, and thankfully never could actually do it.  Whether you are like me or someone that has tried it, almost everyone knows someone who has attempted suicide.  I posted this song because in line with the title of today's post I have found that people that make it through such thoughts attempts or sadness with friends appreciate life in an entirely different way.

Realization: Our best colors show in the dark parts of life.

Life has it's way of handing us challenges we couldn't even think up.  Whether it is the death of a loved one, a break in trust, health problems or family responsibilities. These challenges shape who we will be.  In my life and in the stories I enjoy the best people have been through one or more of the above.  They aren't forever beaten down by but face the challenges in uniquely incredible ways. Whether they come out of the darkness a blue shade of calm or just facing the yellow sun one day at a time they are an inspiration to me.

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