05 January 2012

Get Creative!

1/5/12 - Day Twenty Six

Music: Charlieissocoollike - Duet with Myself

I have never been much of a Youtube "surfer."  With that being said, this video is so amazing!  It made me subscribe to the creator and even I have to admit...Youtube has some wonderful art pieces on it.

Realization: Creativity takes hard work and time.

Get Creative!  Being creative to me is a skill and it takes time to master any skill. The realization today is the time is well worth it. Over the last couple of days I have been crocheting (for the first time ever) a scarf, and today I finished it.  The feeling of accomplishment is wonderful and as I continued to work on it I realized how much better it got.  I want to start melding this creative skill that I have by accomplishing different creative tasks, besides just computer design.  A goal for myself in the near future is to start completing different creative projects.  The first one I want to work on is Jewelry.  By February 1st I'll post the product of this goal and we shall see.

Inspiration: While my sister was here for almost a week she introduced me to this great website. 

After signing up, you put in your interests and it browses the internet for you to find topics or items you might find interesting.  Check it out! It is really great!

'til tomorrow...

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