06 January 2012

Time Management

1/6/12 - Day Twenty Seven

Music: Bethany Joy Galeotti - Girl in the Moon!

<3 this song! I love the subject matter of the lyrics and the her voice is amazing.

Realization: Time Management is crucial to success.

Being proactive with time management is the realization for today.  I think my time management at work is pretty good, but in my personal life it is pretty terrible.  So, today starts my look into where my time is actually going and changing the areas I need to. I stopped playing all of my various Facebook games because, lets face it, although fun they are a serious time waster for me.  Where does the rest of my time go?  Everyone has the same amount and yet others seem to get so much more accomplished than I do.  So much to think on in those last few sentences...I'll keep you updated.

'til tomorrow...

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