11 January 2012

Food Creativity!

1/11/12 - Day Thirty Two

Music: Tyler Hilton - Loaded Gun

So today is a day off from work with a great premiere of my favorite show currently One Tree Hill. It is the last season for the show, so the hype surrounding it is really fun. This is a new song released on the show tonight.

Realization: Being creative with food is helpful when there is very little money.

Macaroni & Cheese with chili is delicious!  We are working with very little funds at the moment and tonight I took out all the ingredients we could make dinner with and decided to try it.  Delicious!  Hamburger Helperish with a bit more spice. Add some pepper and it is amazing.

Inspiration: Going back and updating you on a few things.

Feeling much better today, although a pulled thigh muscle is very painful!

Four Short Term Goals - 
  • Finish College in 18 weeks with A's in at least 5 of the 7 classes.
  • Finish my design portfolio and business cards by April.
  • Start researching a new location to live with career opportunities.
  • Figure out my personal relationships before April.
Two Long Term Goals -
  • Establish a career by 28
  • Start family planning 28 - 32
Still in the process of cleaning out the clutter in my life.  My sister was a big motivator there but I will finish this up by the beginning of February.

The vintage dresses didn't get their pictures posted because I slacked and didn't get good pictures of them.  The black dress fit my sister beautifully though and I am hoping she takes a great picture in it that I can post.

'til tomorrow...

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