28 December 2011


12/28/11 - Day Eighteen

Music: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Apologies

This is one of those songs that each person identifies with differently.  To me it is sad, inspirational and realistic.  Sad because of the truth wrapped up in it.  Sometimes apologies come when they don't matter anymore.  Inspirational because even if a relationship ends, their will always be the good times to remember and they stay with you.  Realistic because this scenario has happened twice so far in my life.  Once when I was doing the apologizing and once when they didn't matter anymore.

Realization: Change...fearful for some, difficult for most, necessary for all.

What does change mean to you?  Currently in my life change is necessary and scary.  I found out today I have seven classes left to finish up my college degree.  WooHoo! With the happiness though comes the harsh realization that change is coming...should be interesting to see where everything is in a year when I finish writing this blog. What is the best way to stay focused and not get lost in the fear of what is coming? If there is one thing I have learned in almost every college class it is set attainable goals for yourself, short term and long term.  While dreaming is soooo important those are dreams not goals. So to my current to do list I am adding the task of setting four short term goals for myself and two long term goals.  Less long term because let's face it who the hell knows where I will be in ten years.

Design: Waterworks by Silence Queen(deviantart)

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