26 December 2011


12/26/11 - Day Sixteen

Music: Trisha Yearwood - She's in love with the boy

I am a fan of the old school country where the lyrics told a cute little story.  This is one of my old school favorites and I can still picture my mom, sister and I in a Datsun station wagon with the windows down singing at the top of our lungs. Great memories!

Realization: My memory sucks!

Many may feel just like I do.  I wish I remembered more of the moments when I was ten, twelve or even seventeen. Of course some good stuff comes to mind but not the particulars of the events.  It is almost as if I am an outsider looking in on the memories. I know my heart was broken the first time and the event comes to mind but in a dulled way.  Is that bad memory, numbness or just what happens to the moments long since past?  Either way I want to remember more and so I am going to start a weekly collage of highlights.  If something in particular happens I really want to remember, I'll add a caption to the collage.  These are going to start being on Sundays every week with memories only from the past week.

Design: Missing you by Evol1314

Amazing! This has been one of my favorites for years.

til tomorrow....

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