14 December 2011

Second Descriptive Word

12/14/11 - Day Four

Part 2 of 4

Music: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Cat and Mouse

My favorite verse in this song is, you said that you would die for me but you must live for me too. This song is for the times in a relationship when it is struggling or stale and very hard decisions have to be made. Dying for each other isn't enough, the moments when you live together is the entire point.

Realization : I am a control freak, a leader, a creative and an over-analyzer.

Day two and the second word that describes me; leader.  Before 22 I wasn't a leader at all.  I followed friends, family, and a husband in whichever way they were going. Nowadays I am anything but a follower.  I live my life how I choose and if negative consequences come from those choices, I am strong enough to cope.  The negative side of trying to lead all the time is the atmosphere it creates with other "leaders" around you.  My goal to better myself in this respect is to learn to follow sometimes.
I can't learn very much from others by leading all the time.  I say sometimes because I don't want to ever be the girl I was at 21.  My life and how I live it will always be my choice but learning from others is even more important.

til tomorrow...


  1. Living is what it's all about. You confronted that following side of your life long before I had the courage to do it too.

  2. Courage is something we all need more of. I am glad you are/have found your own way to lead the thoughts and feelings of you.