27 December 2011

Blunt Honesty

12/27/11 - Day Seventeen

Music: Jessica Andrews - Who I am

Great song to wake up to and the video is so colorful! I love it.

Realization: Everyone needs a friend that is bluntly honest.

I say everyone needs this type of friend because out of anyone currently in my life I will change my actions based on her words more than anyone else. No one wants their feelings hurt, but sometimes the truth isn't pretty.  I have one of these friends and I know one hundred percent that what she tells me is the truth.  The initial sting of the words wear off every time and the processing starts.  That processing either leads to change or the ability to see a situation from a different perspective.

Inspiration: Starbucks prayer (for everyday before I go to work)

May the customers be nice, the coffee strong and the crew as fun as ever.

Long day at work today and this helps me get through the rough spots

til tomorrow...

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