24 December 2011

Religion or Spirituality

12/24/11 - Day Fourteen

Merry Christmas Eve!

Music: Hillsong - Forever Reign

Today I heard a cover of this song at the very first church I have attended outside of the religion I was brought up in as a child.  The lyrics by Hillsong are beautiful but I didn't link their video because quite honestly the lead singer Jenna Cintron and the band in the cover today did such an amazing job I'll leave the space for her voice if it is ever recorded.  If anyone was brought up in a christian religion most if not all possess a belief in what takes place after death.  At one point today while standing in the auditorium of an elementary school I heard these lyrics and they brought me to tears.

You are life
You are life
in You death has lost its sting

People have asked me if I regret being brought up in the very religious household and those lyrics are the best reason I have to say no.  I will always admire my upbringing. It taught me that we all have a spiritual side whether we admit it or not.

Realization: Coming together in spirituality is the point; not organized religion.

Since the age of 22 I have been completely against organized religion...until today.  I went to the Mosaic Church in Crestview, Florida.  The experience was not only uplifting but challenged my current beliefs, which inspires me.  I grew up in the same faith as my parents and decided when I left that a person can have faith alone without the hypocrisy seen in the current religious state.

Today I learned meeting with other spiritual people fills a void that has been present in my life since I left the religion and put aside my own faith.  I don't believe exactly what they do but today I learned that isn't the point.

It was a completely different type of service that incorporated the things in life that bring joy.. Comedy, Music(and not the classical/choir type) and Spirituality.

Inspiration: James Ross the lead pastor today said some things that will stick with me.  I thought I would share them. They aren't direct quotes because I can't write that fast and still follow along but this is what I took from the sermon.

The Who in life matters most.  God, Jesus, Marriage mate, Family, Friends.  What, where and how aren't the first memories.

Pride is the root of all sins....think about it. He is right!

This won't be a religious blog but today was truly enlightening for me so I thought I would share.

til tomorrow...


  1. Would love to hear/learn more....if you'd like to share...Kirby