30 March 2013


3/30/2013 - Day Eighty Nine

It has been a bit since I was able to update my life. I have missed the creative writing here dearly. Check out Delineation my freelance design company being launched as week speak.

© Delineation 2012
Delineation is about a journey . . . >

Create art and create an image, a feeling, a presence, a recognizable artistic personification of your business . . . >

Market your business more effectively with unique art that talks about you to others without words being spoken . . . >

Inspire your business, inspire your employees, inspire your clients, inspire yourself and inspire your world!

There is no single path to success because there is no single way to succeed.  It is a journey, no way around it.  There are paths already available that others have made and/or taken.  History has shown that the best paths, the most successful paths, are those blazed by the individual who determines their own path, a path on which they can create marketable inspirations and love the journey along the way.

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