29 February 2012

An Extra Day

2/29/12 - Day Seventy Nine

Music: The Pretty Reckless - You

Some new music I found through the YouTube suggestion section of my homepage.  This is one of the few I actually like a lot. Check it out.

Realization: We should have an extra day every year.

I have recently been talking so much about time and how little of it I seem to have.  This may be the start to the extremely busy part of my life and I am ready for it.

The last two days I literally didn't have a moment to blog.  Weird.  This has taught me that realistically I won't be able to blog everyday but I am still going to write for no less than 365 days total. 

Some updates on some of my goals and the important parts of my life

I am working in the design field currently as a freelance designer.
I did the logo below and I love it!

'til tomorrow...

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