04 February 2012

Love is...who you sleep next to, by choice

2/4/12 - Day Fifty Six

Music: Al Green - Let's Stay Together

This song makes me miss my boyfriend or reach out and hug him.  Definitely one of the best songs of all time. Play it in the middle of an argument and it is sure to cease.

Realization: There is so much I could do with a sewing machine.

For some reason I have never tried sewing as a hobby.  I guess in my mind it has always been associated with my grandmother and her patience for it. Patience I never thought I could possess. Much to my surprise, my patience for projects that create something is increasing with age.  Crocheting is one of most relaxing things currently in my world.  Just to focus on something and get lost with little to no hard thought or decisions put into it. When the most in depth thought is do I want a hole here or just a solid line, weights are lifted.

Inspiration: Pillows in red!

I love these, especially the LOVE pillow in the back!  Blogging has helped me see there is so much you can do with a design background.  It just takes time and some funds. Here is the blog I found this great design on.  Check it out!

'til tomorrow...

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