24 February 2012

Wait or Do

2/24/12 - Day Seventy Six

Inspiration: Good things come to those that wait, better things come to those that do.

I have been considering moving away from the area I currently live in for quite some time.  Culturally this isn't a good spot for a budding design career and I need a change.  I know a new city isn't going to fix everything but I am hoping it would help with some different scenery. The top three choices on the move list are Seattle or Portland, Denver or somewhere on the east coast though Boston and New York are the only really likely choices.  I would love to live closer to my sister in Charlotte, NC but I am not sure that would be exactly the change I am looking for since it isn't a huge difference from Florida.  These decisions will be weighing heavily on my mind over the next couple of weeks.  Thankfully, I have the support of my boyfriend in these discussions and concerns so hopefully we can make a good decision.

'til tomorrow...

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