05 February 2012

Love is....forgetfulness

2/5/12 - Day Fifty Seven

Music: Atlantic Starr - Always

When I was seven my mom remarried and he became my dad that day.  This was their wedding song and I still picture my best friend, sister and I singing at the top of our lungs beside the dance floor during their first song.  Wonderful memories and a great love song that reminds us true love is always!

Realization: To be truly in love a bad memory is key.

The hardest thing to remember in love is we aren't in love with a concept, we are in love with another person.  People will make mistakes, big ones and small ones.  Forgiving someone you love seems to be the easy part it is forgetting the mistakes that takes effort.  The ability to not bring up shortcomings at the first sight of personal insecurities.  Forget the bad and pray your loved one can do the same for you.

Inspiration: Oreo Cookie Cake...Yums! I think my boyfriend would love this for Valentine's Day.

Found it here

'til tomorrow...

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