17 February 2012

Quiet Time

2/17/12 - Day Sixty Nine

What music speaks to you?  Which ones are your absolute favorites?  I have so many it is hard to think of the right ones on the right days.

Music: Brand New - Quiet Things No One Knows

This is my favorite type of music.  I can design, sleep or mellow out to it.  It can repeat over and over and I just keep singing it.

Realization: Quiet time awakens demons and inspiration.

    Last night, while trying to fall asleep early for a well needed change, I had more than a few moments of meditation.  Sure...some things that flew into my thought processes weren't happy or even something I could do anything about but I needed that time to just THINK.  Each day we are faced with almost an assault of information and entertainment that holds our attention. 

    We get very little time to just be silent in thought and purpose.  In the past when I would try to be quiet or meditate on anything the boredom was overwhelming.  I am realizing now that each of us needs time to just be, to shut off our brains or focus on the larger picture.  Our everyday can turn into a month without even realizing we lost a day. 

A new small term goal for myself is to try and enjoy and create those quiet moments more in my life.

'til tomorrow...

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